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What critics are saying about TULSA, OK

Page after page, my jaw would drop. It’s a seriously fucked up book about a seriously fucked up subject. 

Jonathan Blaustein / aPhotoEditor


Brilliantly designed by master João Linneu, TULSA, OK is a book of craziness, nudity and loneliness. A book full of death, blood, desecration… Double homage to Larry Clark and Antoine d'Agata, it’s a work that screams, where police sirens howl, where intimate pleasures are intimate disasters.

Fabien Ribery / L'intervalle (France) 


A shocking book where on each page we wonder how he did it. It's even more dramatic than we expected! And it’s completely crazy.

Jean-Jacques Farré / LIKE (Paris)

Your book arrived today. I love the smell of it. And after a quick thumb through, it is beautiful, and haunting and seductive and horrific. I look forward to a deep dive into it.

Lela D. (Santa Fe, NM)


This book is garbage. Beautifully designed, perhaps even over designed, but garbage nonetheless. [...] Stay away.

James C.

It’s a gorgeous book, showing a real problem through a totally new lens. It’s a masterpiece. 

Hope N. (San Francisco, CA)

This is some of the shittiest porn I have ever seen. [...] Thinking about giving it away. Or shredding and burning it. Fuck you, Mr. D'Allant. 

Andrew M. (Bellingham, WA)

Read Valentine Zeler's InFrame interview of Victor d'Allant (with a wide selection of photos from TULSA, OK)

In a very thorough three-part series, Le Photographe Minimaliste tells the genesis of TULSA, OK --what happened when Victor d'Allant met Antoine d'Agata in Bangkok (Part 1), how he ended up in Oklahoma without Larry Clark (Part 2) and why Stanley Greene was such a big influence (Part 3).

You can order TULSA, OK here or buy a copy in the best art/design bookstores in Los Angeles (Hennessey+Ingalls and ARTBOOk @ Hauser & Wirth), Tokyo (Flotsam), London (Setanta Books), Brussels (Tipi Photo Bookshop) or Paris (Le Plac'Art, La Nouvelles Chambre ClaireLove Book Hotel and la Maison Européenne de la Photographie MEP). It's NOT available on Amazon.


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