When good photography is used to break a taboo: shocked by a politician’s comment about a journalist (“She had blood coming out of her wherever!”), Victor d’Allant interviewed and photographed women going through menstruation. In his book presentation (publication date: Fall 2022 in France), he writes: "These twenty-eight women and men (yes, some men do have periods) are true heroes. They are intrepid. Nothing could have stopped them, because they knew this book needed to be made. They had been waiting for this moment for many years –the moment when they could freely discuss their menses, without shame or embarrassment, and show the rest of the world, including their life partners, what their body actually looks like during “those days.”"

They hail from the U.S., Germany, England, South Korea, China, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, India, even Saudi Arabia, thus ensuring that PERIOD. has a multicultural reach. And a global social impact. As a social entrepreneur recently wrote: “Your work is important to start a conversation. It's vital, as a woman, that I see representations of my life, my experiences, my body, in art and in culture. Because once we give it a name, we don't have to be ashamed of it anymore.”


In a recent article in French daily newspaper 20 Minutes, (see page 6 of this PDF) Victor d'Allant was the only male mentioned in a list of leading artists working on menstruation, a list that includes Judy Chicago, Valie Export, Gina Pane, Kiki Smith, Tracey Emin, Elise Thiébaut, Marianne Rosenstiehl and Rupi Kaur. A couple of his photos were used by TV5 MONDE to illustrate the social issues about menstruation.