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Because this book is so important, every day of your next Shark Week you will want to give a copy each to your lover, your sister, your daughter, your son, your friends, ... Even to this jerk who made fun of you when you were on your period, and that will teach him a lesson!


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  • We have all been fighting for this moment—a place where we can freely discuss our periods, without shame or embarrassment, and show the rest of the world, including our life partners, what our body actually looks like during “those days.”


    At last, we have a chance to display our bloody truth to the rest of the world, without any filters, without shame.


    Victor d’Allant, a Paris-born visual anthropologist currently living in California, was shocked by a comment a politician made about a female journalist: "She had blood coming out of her wherever!"


    He gathered a group of amazingly fearless women (and even a female-to-male couple) to be in this book. All sexual identities are represented here —straight, lesbian, gay, cis, trans, queer, gender fluid, we were all offered a platform to express our truth.


    It is undoubtedly an extraordinary artistic undertaking, one that matters to all of us, women and men alike.


    Be warned though: it is quite graphic. As famous philosopher and art critic Susan Sontag wrote: “Real art has the capacity to make us nervous.” This book is one more proof that great art is often born out of controversy.


    Each of us conceived our own portrait to show you that although our monthly bleeding can often be painful and difficult, it is also extremely beautiful.


    So listen to our collective voices as we tell you how we feel when we bleed each month.

    And watch us in awe.


    Sophie Eleanor Halton

    Editor - SHE HAD BLOOD



    PHOTOGRAPHS & TEXT: Victor d’Allant

    FOREWORD: Sophie Eleanor Halton

    AFTERWORD: Élise Thiébaut

    BOOK DESIGN: Fernanda Fajardo & João Linneu

    FORMAT: Hardcover
    112 pages
    6 3/4 x 9” / 17 x 22 cm

    ISBN: 978-1-7344580-1-5

    SRP: $39.99

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