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Anthropology. Visual.


"At last, we have a chance to display our bloody truth to the rest of the world, without any filters, without shame. An extraordinary artistic undertaking, one that matters to all of us, women and men alike." Order your copy of SHE HAD BLOOD today!


"A seriously fucked up book about a seriously fucked up subject." Order your copy of TULSA, OK today.



Victor d’Allant (seen here on top of Mt. Fuji, Japan) is a Paris-born Visual Anthropologist whose work includes mental health issues in the developing world for the World Health Organization and agricultural development in Burkina Faso for the World Bank. A six-year grantee of the Ford Foundation for his work on urban equity, he has also consulted for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the role of technology in social change.

His photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, and published in GEO, Newsweek and many magazines in Europe and Asia. The video blog he produced for the Skoll Foundation’s online community received an Honoree Mention at the Webby Awards (Webbies).


Currently living between San Francisco and Paris, Victor holds two Masters degrees --one from the Sorbonne and one from Berkeley. 

His first book TULSA, OK is now available here and in several bookstores in Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Brussels. You can now pre-order his second book SHE HAD BLOOD here.




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Victor d’Allant commutes between San Francisco and Paris, and you might very well run into him at CDG or SFO. If you don’t believe in serendipity and want to start a more formal conversation, ping him on Instagram or X  and he will respond to relevant requests as soon as he has landed.

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